The Best Things in Our Life are Free

Sanjay is busy in finishing his project work before deadline. He is an Executive Manager of a huge multinational company. He loves his job. He is paid a huge amount of money for his talent and dedication to his work. He has all the necessary things to keep him happy, be it luxury car, beautiful home. Today it is Sunday but he can’t spend that weekend hours with his family. He is absolutely alone in his life. His wife and only daughter passed away in an accident last year. His solitude pricks him all the time. With epiphany, he realized money can buy everything but not happiness and love.

The things that we all see around us can be bought. Yes, they are necessary things for sure and they make our lives easier but do they actually make our lives happier in true sense of the term? The obvious answer is NO. The things that actually keep us delighted don’t cost anything.

So, what are the best things in life. Some of the favorite responses would be – happiness, love, family, friends, giggling of toddler, a piece of advice from the friend, appreciation of teacher, nature’s beauty, a soothing breeze at the sea side, peace of mind and the list goes on. Do we actually pay for these things? The answer is indeed negative. We don’t spend any money for the love of parents and the shower of care upon us. We don’t pay our friends for the quality time we spend with them, we don’t pay for the fun that we make together. And so the saying goes well with our understanding “Best things in our life are free”.

Surely we get the best things for free, means no monetary cost but they do hold some expenditure which shows the other side of the coin.

To illustrate this cost factor, the best example would be our ‘Mother Nature’. She gave us everything for free – water, food, oxygen and all other natural resources. Man was free and happy in the lap of nature. But as the human civilization started to evolve, things began to change slowly.  Foods are now need to be bought. Human developed different kinds of products by using natural resources that of course need money to buy. These are necessary things that we need to have to live life. Money is what required to keep us alive but at the same time, it is a fact that our desires of heart isn’t only to be alive.  We need happiness, joy and all other abstract things in life that are actually free.

Hope is what money can’t buy. It hardly matters if you have affluent money, you can pursue your dream. If one has courage, confidence and belief in oneself, he/she can do impossible possible. To dream big doesn’t cost. Talent, intelligence, hard work, patience can’t be valued in monetary terms.

Time is also you can’t buy by money. You will never get back the time you have spent. Each minute that has passed will never return. Despite so much scientific and medical advancements, there is no way that we can reverse the time or extend our life. No amount of money can turn the clock back so we should live our life to the fullest, work hard and enjoy what we have.

Support of family members is surely one of the best things in our lives. The care that we receive from our elder ones, parents is not money can give you. The good memories with your family is what makes you happy even after many years when you look back to those wonderful photographs.

The best things are always priceless. The bondage of friends and kindred ones is that you can’t really buy. Materialistic things make our life comfortable, easier and can make us joyful for a very limited period of time but the beautiful mountains, flowers, smile of friends are always gratuitous.

We are all free and we are all eternally happy. The external factors that lead to our discomfort and unhappiness are what because of our ignorance. Our life appears happy when our perception about it is correct. Running after money does not make you happy rather being rapacious makes you even more vulnerable of being unsatisfied with your life. The nature has given us every reason to be blissfully happy. All we need is to harness that feeling to kindle our hearts. So let us cherish!! our lives by making fun, laughing, embracing life with smile, enjoying the nature, taking care of family, friends and relatives, spending good time with them and making good memories, all without spending a penny!

My happiness is in the light of the sky.
My happiness is in the dust, in the grass.
Far beyond the mind and body I lose myself,
 In search of beauty and peace…



43 thoughts on “The Best Things in Our Life are Free

  1. Really nice post jaidip. Best thing in our life are always free and we crave happiness in the things like money, but the thing which provide us real happiness and piece like nature, family, friends etc is always free.

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  2. Great post. You brought both sides of the coin together. Also, it was interesting that you pointed out that Mother Nature provided us with everything for free, but it was a human, who decided to charge us for food, etc.

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